STARS REI is a privately held company with real estate holdings in the U.S. and the U.K. Our real estate industry experience, passionate team, commitment to excellence, and global perspective create exceptional long-term value in our real estate holdings.

We invest in real estate opportunities that have the potential to improve the property and the surrounding area, placing an emphasis on the quality of life in and around the property itself. Whether these assets are fully developed, in need of redevelopment or coming to life from the ground up, STARS REI is constantly looking for creative ways to transform real estate in the markets in which we invest.

Built on four generations of real estate insight, STARS REI values consistency and discipline in our portfolio construction. We look for partners who appreciate our perspective, have local expertise, and are personally committed to the projects on which we work. We operate at the highest level of integrity to build long-term, mutually beneficial and successful relationships while we execute on each business plan.

Our headquarters is in Santiago, Chile and we maintain an office in the U.S. in Miami metro area. We work in close partnership with each partner and are involved in both major and day-to-day decisions. We rely on the combined expertise of our local partners and our internal team to create the best solutions that maximize long term value.